"Micheal Ousley celebrates his Appalachian heritage as an eastern Kentuckian. Having grown up in the mountains gives him a credibility not easily obtained in landscape painting, blood is thicker than water."  ~ Dr. Bernard Greisman, Collector

I grew up in the small town of Hippo, Kentucky. If you look at it from Google Earth you will only see a sea of green, the Appalachian Mountains. Everybody calls us mountain folk around there and some just hillbillies. Very few people pass through without a really good reason and that isolation has also produced a unique culture and pristine lands. I come from a visually rich place and I employ that experience for the practice of painting.

I graduated with an M.F.A. in painting from the University of Cincinnati. I currently work as an educator and an artist in Jamestown, Ohio.

Artists Statement

I have tried to utilize the landscape for its qualities of beauty and sensuality. Its ability to show a sense of time and place as well as a sense of timelessness. I am often interested in approaching the landscape in a more close up and intimate appraisal. I enjoy the introspection and the way abstraction can be at the core of the dense and tangled masses of vegetation. The challenge rests in finding the seemingly inconsequential path, something hidden or wild, something unmanicured and random. It is through this lens of the landscape that I am working to avoid the cloy and decadent, focusing on the natural occurence that has been overlooked in the moment. In this pursuit I am ultimately paying a respect to my own culture and the diverse, rare habitats and flora of Appalachia.

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