The first and last winter Baptism in Hicks Fork, Ky. oil on panel. 16x20

Two Haints Flyin' in the Holler, oil on panel. 10x10

Homemade Wine, oil on panel. 18x18

Hainted Holler, oil on panel. 24x30

Winter Funeral in Floyd County, Ky., oil on panel 18x18 Sold

Woolboogers gettin' in the Apple Tree, oil on canvas. 12x16

Showdown, oil on canvas. 14x18

Granny Get Your Gun, oil on panel. 16x20

Wild Booger, acrylic on panel. 24x30

Booger Crossin' the Holler with a Storm Brewin', egg tempera on wood. 15x15 Sold

Lonesome Cry of the Whipoorwill, acrylic on panel. 10x10 Sold

Head of the Holler, egg tempera on wood. 12x16

The Isolation, egg tempera on wood. 16x16 Sold 

Holler Cat, egg tempera on panel. 8x8 Sold

What a Biggin', oil on panel. 12x16

Dig a Hole in the Meadow, acrylic on panel. 10x10  Sold

Woodbooger, egg tempera on wood. 13x17 Private Collection

West Virginia Howler, 15x15. Sold

The Wild Dogs, oil on canvas. 14x18

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